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How to use Ninoma Wholesale

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Ninoma Wholesale, only members who have applied and registered as a wholesaler can purchase at the special wholesale price shown in blue.

Let's take a look at how to apply as a wholesaler and the blue price.



1. Wholesaler Application

First, you can simply apply and register through the Wholesaler application page on the site. There are two ways to create a wholesaler account. One is if you don't have a Ninoma account or want to create a new wholesaler account. The other is to apply for wholesaler permissions with an existing Ninoma account. (Application for wholesaler with existing Ninoma account is at the bottom of this page)

Once you've filled out the necessary information about yourself : Name, Company or Store name(URL), E-mail(Ninoma ID), Country„ÉĽRegion etc. we'll verify your account and grant you wholesaler privileges.

Register for wholesaler (create account) is here (Link)

2. Blue Price (Wholesale Price)

Once you have applied and registered as a wholesaler and logged in with your authorized account, you will see the Blue Price (Wholesale Price) on the Ninoma Wholesale page and other pages on the site.


A. Wholesale page : Ninoma BtoB

B. Collection / Search Result page

C. Product page

< Normal case >

< Sale items case >


BtoB application

Ninoma Wholesale Service is limited to distributor, wholesaler, retailer and business entity.
Personal use of Ninoma Wholesale Service is prohibited hence non-business organization or personnel may not permitted.

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