Winter menu arrives at Kirby café

Kirby Café, which is based on the theme of the popular game series "Kirby Star Allies", will host "Kirby Café WINTER" from November 11, 2020 (Wed) to February 28, 2021 (Sun)!

Food and sweets perfect for this winter's chilly weather will be available for a limited time.

During the same period, a collaboration menu with the latest game for Nintendo Switch, Kirby Fighters 2, will also be available for you to check out.

Winter Menu:

Winter Kirby Burger & Clam Chowder Pasta:

kirby cafe 1


Mugumogu Kirby's Poka-Poka Pie Stew:

Kirby cafe winter 2

Hot Mizore Hamburger Steak:

Kirby Cafe

Kirby's warm gratin bowl:

Kirby cafe

Ice Dragon's Pastel Cream Anmitsu:

Ice Dragon's Pastel Cream Anmitsu

Kirby Cafe's authentic oven-baked pizza - Berry Berry White Chocolate:Kirby Cafe's authentic oven-baked pizza - Berry Berry White Chocolate:

The pop star's winter "Ho!" and sangria (non-alcoholic)


Take that! Hissatsu Chop Wrestler Kirby Burger

kirby Burger


And you ? What would you have chosen?

  • Nov 04, 2020
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