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Payments & Shipping Methods

1 - Payment methods

The following payments are used on Ninoma. 

They all guarantee a safe & secured transaction. No critical or banking data is stored on our servers, as we used only professional payment gateway for the checkout process.

A - Shopify Payments

Allows the payment with following credit cards (including gift cards) and without the need of creating an external account.

Account-less payment method







Accelerated Checkouts using

Shopify Pay

Handling Rate may vary

Apple Pay

Handling Rate may vary

Google Pay

Handling Rate may vary


B - Paypal

Credit cards, Bank-account & Paypal Wallet checkout should be available depending on the country linked to your Paypal account.

Average rate is 3,6% + 40 yen.


2 - Settlement Currency

All payment are settled in Japanese yens. You are likely to be applied a currency conversion fee depending on your payment method.

If you paid using Shopify Payments, the currency conversion and rate is likely to be decided and applied by your banking institution. 

If you paid using Paypal, the currency conversion is likely to be decided and applied by Paypal itself.


3 - Shipping Methods

Your order will be handled by the Japan Post, our trusted partner for more than ten years.

When you checkout, we will automatically select up to 3 shipping methods which fits your country of destinations and keep the most interesting available to be picked.

All shipments methods will come with a tracking number enclosed within the shipping notice. We recommend using Parcels to check your package status.

Here are the options which should be available to you.


Shipment duration



Few days up to a week

Up to 20000 yen


Few days up to two weeks

Up to 11160 yen

Airmail Small Package

Up to 6000 yen


Few weeks

Up to 11160 yen

E-Packet Light

Not Insured


Up to 11160 yen

SAL Small Package

Up to 6000 yen


Up to 3 months

Not Insured


Small Packages & E-Packet Light

SAL Small Package, Airmail Small Package and E-Packet Light are more affordable shipping methods which is eligible with smaller items. Eligible items are marked down on the product page. 

Be careful that by adding more than a single small-package eligible time to your cart might prevent those methods to be picked.


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