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“Bocchi the Rock!” x JOYSOUND

“Bocchi the Rock!” x JOYSOUND

JOYSOUND's directly managed store is collaborating with "Geki Omnibus Bocchi the Rock!'' based on the original work by Aki Hamaji. Collaboration menus will be sold from May 10th to July 21st, and collaboration rooms will also appear at some stores.

A total of 7 types of collaboration drinks are available, with images of the four members of the band, Bocchiko, Hitori Goto, Nijika Ijichi, Ryo Yamada, and Ikuyo Kita, as well as Seika Ijichi, PA-san, and Kikuri Hiroi. In addition to reflecting the members' colors, Bocchi's drink also featured mango on top. All drinks are non-alcoholic. Miso soup, which is said to be effective for hangovers, is available as a drink inspired by Kikuri Hiroi. In addition, "Pote Nan Kotsu!", which is a plate of fried potatoes and fried chicken, was prepared as a collaboration food. In addition, some stores will also offer take-out collaboration drinks.

Those who order the collaboration menu will receive a bonus coaster. One coupon will be randomly distributed for each collaboration drink ordered, and two coupons will be randomly distributed for each collaboration food ordered. We also have special benefits for people who use karaoke and order collaboration menu items. For every 1,000 yen (tax included) order from the collaboration menu, you will receive a random original postcard.

Collaboration rooms will be set up at four stores: JOYSOUND Shinagawa Konan Exit store in Tokyo, JOYSOUND Shinjuku West Exit store, JOYSOUND Kanayama store in Aichi, and JOYSOUND Shinsaibashi store in Osaka. The walls, doors, and tables are decorated with deformed illustrations drawn by Hitori Goto, Koka Ijichi, Ryo Yamada, and Ikuyo Kita. The collaboration room can only be used by 2 or more people for a maximum of 2 hours. If you are staying alone, you will be charged a room charge for two people.

In addition, 25 stores nationwide and the JOYSOUND online store sell original goods using newly drawn illustrations. The lineup includes acrylic stands, tin badges, clear cards, and clear files. Please check the special website for the collaboration campaign for store locations.
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