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Pokemon SV" DLC "Treasures of Zero Part 1: The Blue Mask" is now available.

Pokemon SV" DLC "Treasures of Zero Part 1: The Blue Mask" is now available.

DLC "Treasures of Zero Part 1: The Blue Mask" is now available for "Pokémon Scarlet Violet" on Nintendo Switch.
Those who have purchased the paid additional content "Treasures of Zero" can enjoy the adventure in "Part 1: The Blue Mask".
Additional Pokémon appear in the game.


 For players who have not purchased "Treasures of Zero," additional Pokémon will appear in the game through communication.
New Functions

 The following new features will be added

The direction at the top of the mini-map displayed in the field can now be fixed to North.

 This can be done by pressing the R stick twice on the map screen and selecting "Fix map all".

Camera item added to the settings screen.

 The camera behavior in the field can be adjusted.

A "Cue Pokémon" feature has been added that allows you to give a signal to Pokémon you are walking with in the field.

 While walking with a Pokémon, you can signal it by pressing the L stick.

Pressing the A button in the camera app now takes a picture.

Music can be played by pressing the ZL/ZR buttons while the camera application is running.

 The Pokémon you are walking with or people around you may react to the music.

A function has been added to share photos taken with the Camera app during Union Circle with other members of the Circle.

Added a "Drown Filter" function to the "Dexterity Machine".

 By starting up a move machine and selecting the "Learn Filter," you can display only the move machines that the Pokémon can learn.

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