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"PreCure" 20th anniversary live

"PreCure" 20th anniversary live


The main visual for the live event "All PreCure 20th Anniversary LIVE!" of the anime "PreCure" series has been released.

In the main visual, Cure Black and Cure White from "Futari wa PreCure" and Cure Sky and Cure Prism from the latest work "Hirogaru Sky! PreCure" appear on the center stage holding microphones. The catchphrase was ``Sound to everyone! Our theme song!''.

In addition, it has been revealed that the third pre-request advance will be held at Lawson Ticket from 10:00 on November 17th to 11:59 pm on December 3rd. For details, check the official website of the live event.

"All PreCure 20th Anniversary LIVE!" to be held at Yokohama Arena in Kanagawa on January 20th and 21st, 2024 is a live event commemorating the 20th anniversary of the "PreCure" series. The evening performances, "Premium Night DAY1" and "DAY2," will feature a total of 134 people, including all 18 singers who have been in charge of opening and ending songs in the "PreCure" series, 39 cast members, and all 77 PreCure members. He will perform live shows with different series featured on ``DAY1'' and ``DAY2'', as well as recitations of completely original scenarios.

“All PreCure 20th Anniversary LIVE!”

Date and time: Saturday, January 20, 2024, Sunday, January 22, 2024
Venue: Yokohama Arena, Kanagawa Prefecture

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