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“Tokyo Revengers” new experience exhibition

“Tokyo Revengers” new experience exhibition

Tokyo Revengers

Presents for visitors to the “Tokyo Revengers Original Drawing New Experience Exhibition: The Last World Line” to be held at Tokyo City View from November 27th have been released.
The extremely popular manga "Tokyo Revengers" (31 volumes in total, published by Kodansha) has been serialized in "Weekly Shonen Magazine" since 2017 and has sold over 70 million copies.

From November 27, 2023 (Monday) to February 4, 2024 (Sunday), “Tokyo Revengers New Illustration Experiential Exhibition: The Last World Line” will be held at Tokyo City View [52nd floor of Roppongi Hills Mori Tower]. We will be holding a

It has been decided that original stickers will be distributed as presents to visitors during this exhibition. There are a total of 13 types of stickers designed with each of the 13 characters used in the key visual. In addition, we will give this sticker as a gift in an original Pochibag. It's fun to open it and see which sticker you win.

The audio guide, which is essential to the exhibition, features characters played by voice actors from the TV anime. Whether you are an anime fan or not, enjoy the world of the work even more by touring the exhibition with the characters.

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